A successful project results from collaborating with a team of consultants and builders whom share similar values, ethics and vision.

The following is a list of consultants and companies I value and choose to work with:

Dr Zena O'Connor  |  Colour Consultant Theorist for Architecture, Industrial Design and Branding. Find Zena at:  http://zenaoconnor.com.au

Geoffery Gifford| Artist, designer and technologist interested in aesthetics, art, culture, the environment and politics. Find Geoffery at: http://www.geoffreygifford.com

Jonathan Watcham  |  Business Development and Marketing. Find Jonathan at:   http://jonathanwatcham.com

Raphael Gracia  |  Urban Planner and Heritage Advisor. Find Raphael at:  https://www.graciadesign.com.au

David Sawkins  |  Blue Group Projects. Builders. Find David at:  http://bluegroupprojects.com

Nick Mitchell  |  Richmond and Ross Structural Civil Engineers. Find Nick at:   http://www.richmondross.com.au/

Susan Read  |  Susan Read Landscape Design. Find Susan at:   http://www.susanreadlandscapes.com.au/

Joe Ward  |  Media Production, Aerial Cinematography and Digital Cinematography  . Find Joe at:   http://awardwinningmedia.com.au/

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